Why Being a Security Guard Could Be the Right Job for You

admin 25 Nov 2013

Being a security Guard is the right job for anyone who wants to make a difference and learn skills that can be applied in any field they choose to pursue. A career as a security guard isn’t like being the mall cop that you are used to seeing, or the guy that falls asleep at night when everything is quiet in the warehouse. On the contrary, Security Guards Sydney offers training and high paying work at some of the most exciting places to work in Sydney. Here are some of the opportunities we offer.

  • On the job training and certification: Security Guards Sydney offers complete training for you to become a certified and experienced security guard while you work with our security experts and learn in the classroom as well.
  • Technology training: At Security Guards Sydney, you will learn about how to install and monitor state-of-the-art closed circuit television systems. These systems are installed in many warehouses, hospitals, high rise office buildings, shipping ports, banks, airports, and other businesses where you will be in charge of running and monitoring them.
  • Job Security: As one of the largest security companies in Sydney, you can be assured that you will always be working in some of the most prestigious businesses and events in Sydney. As well, you can find permanent placement with our clients should they extend this offer.
  • Wide Variety of Experiences: We perform security duty of all kinds, including CCTV surveillance, property surveillance, home alarm monitoring, installation of security systems, and event security. You will get experience in all forms of security detail and will be prepared to work anywhere that you will be assigned.
  • Work with local officials: If you are further interested in a career in law enforcement, a security guard job is your first step. In this position, one of your duties is to work with local officials to help stop crime and give reports to them on any suspicious activity you have seen related to their investigations.
  • Get a leg up on college: Many security guard managers start with us and then go on to get an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice or a similar degree.
  • Be part of a winning team! At Security Guards Sydney, you will be proud to work with some of the best security professionals in the business. We are constantly growing and also on top of the latest security trends and technology.