Why a Home Alarm System is a Good Idea

admin 02 Oct 2013

A home alarm system from Security Guards Sydney is a great way to protect your home in a non-violent way. Protecting your home with a weapon is dangerous and not always effective if you are caught unawares by an intruder. It is much more effective to have a home alarm system to deter crime than it is face an intruder in your home and try to take care of them yourself.

‘Deter’ is the key word here. Statistics show that homes without a home alarm system are 300% more likely to be broken into than those that have one.  While it is true that large barking dogs deter crime as well, a dog cannot alert the police as to a break-in of your home like a home alarm system. As well, your neighbors have probably heard your dog bark so many times that they don’t notice it anymore.

This is important to think about, because most break-ins occur during the day when everyone is at school or work. A burglar usually watches your house before they rob you, so they know that you are at work and your dog is home alone. Do you really want your dog alone in a house with someone who will hurt them, however much it takes, to steal your laptop and some jewelry? Remember, these criminals are desperate for quick money and they don’t care about what happens to your dog.

A home alarm system from Security Guards Sydney, however, will make a sound that the neighbors will hear as well as the police. This is why many people get a home alarm system instead of an attack dog and a gun for home protection. The sound of the alarm and the knowledge that the police are on the way will deter almost all petty thieves from breaking into your house in the first place – and this is the peace of mind we are talking about.