Warehouse Security Can Save you Big Dollars

admin 17 Sep 2013

A warehouse is a great asset because it is an inexpensive place to store inventory until you need to use it or sell it. However, it is an attractive place for people to steal from if it is unmanned. This is because it is so easy for an employee to leave a door or window unlocked and for them to come back at night with their friends to take what is easy to resell.  This is why Security Guards Sydney recommends some type of security for your warehouse to prevent inventory shrinkage.

Did you know that according to recent statistics, 75% of employees steal from their employers at least once? If you have a warehouse where inventory constantly goes missing, you have to wonder who would even know what is in your warehouse if they don’t work for you. The average passerby, even if they are a thief, can only guess what is in there; even if they did break in, they wouldn’t know where to find anything and get it out of the warehouse.

Especially if you have an alarm, they would also set it off. Hopefully, you will realize that unfortunately, it is someone who is working for you that is taking your inventory. This is because a person who works for you can ‘accidentally’ leave the door open or forget to set the alarm. Statistics show that most burglars enter a property through an open window or door and only take what they can resell quickly. No one wants to get caught and spend time in jail for petty theft.

These kinds of criminals are looking for the easy way to get quick money to keep their lifestyle going. Your employee is merely providing them (along with themselves) the opportunity to get away with it.

So how do you stop this kind of activity? Warehouse security from Security Guards Sydney can provide you with a solution that will stop the loss of your inventory.