Tips to Keep Your Party or Event Safe and Secure

admin 05 Aug 2013

If you are going to have a party or event at a rented hall or other type of public venue, you will want to make sure that your guests have a good time, but also a safe one. So whether you are having a large wedding party or a corporate event, Security Guards Sydney has some preventative measures you can take so that your event is protected and secure.

  • Have a guest list. There shouldn’t be anyone at your party that isn’t invited. Uninvited guests are there to cause trouble and make fun for themselves at your expense. You should have security at all entrances that can check invitations to make sure there are no crashers.
  • Have ID badges or bracelets. It is very inexpensive to buy temporary bracelets or badges to give to people who are invited. This also makes it very easy for security to get rid of people who don’t belong.
  • Security Guards Sydney recommends two security guards for every 100 people. This is a good rule of thumb because you don’t want the number of security guards to overwhelm you guests. You just want enough there to maintain a presence.
  • Instruct your bartenders when to cut people off from drinking. Many incidents at parties occur when a guest has had too much to drink. This can be prevented by cutting them off before they become intoxicated and unruly.
  • Announce the end of the party a half an hour before it is over so that guests know when it is time to leave.