Security Patrols in Sydney

Security patrols are needed for many reasons, but not usually full-time, so Security Guards Sydney has flexible plans to provide your business with security patrols on an as-needed or full-time basis as you require them. Talk to one of our security experts today and let Security Guards Sydney customize a plan to provide highly trained and certified professional security patrols for your business. Security Guards Sydney security patrol guards are qualified to carry out a wide range of duties.

External Patrols

Security Guards Sydney security patrols can perform spot checks on properties including warehouses, construction sites, large homes or estates, abandoned properties, shopping centers and other places where you may suspect illegal activity or vandalism in the evenings or on the weekends.  Security patrols that are easily spotted when a building or property is closed will deter criminals from trespassing and stealing property if they know that the premises are patrolled regularly.

Internal Building Management Patrols

If you have a large building or corporate office, you may need a staff of security guards to patrol the building, but don’t want the responsibility of hiring full-time employees. Security Guards Sydney can hire, screen and train security patrols for you and handle payroll as well, providing with you with a worry-free highly competent security staff.

Opening and Closing of Premises

If you have a large corporate office space or warehouse building, it’s hard to know who to leave the keys with when everyone keeps different hours. Let a reliable and trustworthy Security Guards Sydney security patrol inspect and lock up your building nightly and take the stress away from employees who no longer need to wait around for the people who work later hours.

Staff Escorts

Security Guards Sydney’s mobile security patrols can escort staff members who are transporting high risk goods like payroll, bank deposits, merchandise and other items that are at risk for theft. They can also escort recognizable celebrities or high profile people who need protection when they go to and from places like hotels and airports.


If you need a third party to unlock restricted areas or safes, Security Guards Sydney can provide on-the-ball security to document and observe the area while it is occupied and inspect the area before it is relocked. Security patrols are perfect for isolated storage facilities that need to be unlocked occasionally for the retrieval of goods or equipment. A security patrol provides a record of what has been removed or replaced which will absolve anyone present of wrongdoing if anything goes missing at another time.

Property Inspections

Security patrols can observe and report missing inventory or suspicious activity on any property where people are not usually present. This task can be performed daily, intermittently or on demand.

Alarm Responses

Security Guards Sydney security patrols can respond to an alarm that may be set off at your commercial building or property. They can have access to the entire property and provide valuable information to local authorities once they arrive on the scene.  They can also alert the authorities if someone is spotted on the premises when they arrive at the scene.