Security Monitoring

Our Security Monitoring Advantage

Our security monitoring is different from other companies who have a call center operator that makes a phone call to your home or business to see if everyone is all right after calling the police.  This service is of little help if someone is able to break into your home or business when you aren’t there and then leaves before the authorities arrive. We have a better solution.

Mobile Response Team

Our mobile security patrols are out on the road so they may already be close to your home or business. This makes the response time to get to your property much quicker than that of the police or fire department. As well, our response team can hold keys and security codes to your property and can inspect the property themselves or along with the police for a more thorough investigation.

A response team can also talk to neighbors and get more information than the police who may not show up for several hours. They can also make an improvised repairs and reset the alarm so that the intruders don’t’ come back later. The can make a full report to the police and act as a witness later if necessary.

CCTV Monitoring

Because your CCTV camera footage can be monitored from anywhere, we can view it at our call center. This means that we can see suspicious activity before an intrusion. We can alert a response team and send them out immediately, hopefully averting any criminal activity and maybe even apprehending the intruders at the scene of the crime.

Scheduled Visits

Security monitoring also includes scheduled visits to properties after hours.  We may never know the exact effect that scheduled visits of a security team has when they visit your property or home after-hours or on the weekends, but prevention is always better when it come to security management. When potential burglars are checking out your property after-hours and they see our teams doing a scheduled security sweep, it is statistically in your favor that they will go break in or vandalize some other property.

Security Monitoring can help with many other instances of risk besides break-ins or vandalism. Security monitoring can also alert you to after-hours employee visits, power outages, late-to -close, user ID failed security attempts, temperature drops, system faults, system tampering, smoke detection, machinery faults, and hold-ups. This is especially effective if you hire Security Guards Sydney to watch your CCTV monitors as well.

Many business owners find that it is cheaper and more effective to have Security Guards Sydney monitor their properties remotely than it is to put a full-time after-hours security guard on the payroll.  This is because hiring Security Guards Sydney is more flexible and reliable than having a single person on location who may fall asleep at night and also be in on the vandalism or theft of company property themselves.