Security Guards for Parties are a Good Idea

admin 17 Jun 2013

Security Guards Sydney reminds you that if you have a party where you serve alcohol, it is a good idea to have security guards. Twenty five people are about as many as you should ever have at a party where you are serving beer, wine and mixed drinks. After that, things will get out of hand very quickly, and you will be responsible.

If you have more than twenty five people, you should hire two security guards to help you anticipate potential problems and nip them in the bud before they get out of hand. If you have more than one hundred gusts, Security Guards Sydney suggests you hire more security. This is mainly because you will be responsible for everything that goes wrong at a party where you have served alcohol.

First, if you have rented a hall and there are damages from unruly drunken guests, you will lose your security deposit. As well, if the damages are extensive, you may be sued in small claims court for the property destruction.

If the police have to get involved, you may be fined for disturbance of the peace and some of your guests may have to go to jail, including yourself. Is that anyway to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday? No it isn’t, and all of this can be prevented with security guards who can anticipate and diffuse a situation before it gets out of hand.

Security guards can help a bartender cut someone off at the bar if they have had too much to drink. They can also escort an unruly guest from the party so that no one else, including yourself, has to get involved. Many times, guests start drinking and get into fights that they normally wouldn’t. If you or one of your guests sees this happening, a security guard can quietly escort the offending guests out of the party.

They can also prevent unwanted guests from crashing the party. How often have you seen an uninvited person talk their way into a party, only to cause trouble later? With security staff from Security Guards Sydney, you can be sure this won’t happen on their watch.