Security Guard Hire

Our security guards make a difference at your home or place of business because they maintain a professional yet authoritative presence at your premises. A security guard from Security Guards Sydney is trained to perform many duties and react constructively in many different scenarios if needed. They are licensed and customer-service oriented in order to handle the security detail your business requires.

Effective and Observant Security Guards For Any Occasion

Security guards can be used for many assignments and at Security Guards Sydney, our security guard hires are qualified to handle them all! Our security guards are certified to oversee building security, patrol properties, check credentials, file security reports, manage security for a party or event, identify suspicious activity picked up by a CCTV, monitor asset protection, and perform scheduled surveillance of a designated area.

Corporate Security Guard

A corporate security guard is well-groomed, articulate and authoritative. They can check ID badges and search belongings, direct foot traffic, screen visitors, monitor cameras, man a post for a restricted area and do a grounds check as needed.

Warehouse Security Guard

A warehouse security guard hire can monitor the property for intruders, file security reports, man a gate or entrance, check ID badges, direct incoming traffic and maintain a watchful presence if you suspect employee theft.

Venue Control

If you are having a large party or event at your business, our security guard hires can check invitations, escort V.I.P’s, direct foot traffic, restrict access to VIP areas, watch restrooms, maintain barriers, liaison with local authorities, and escort any unwanted gusts from the property discreetly.

Crowd Control

If you are having a large event like a concert or a sports tournament, then you will need security guard hires for crowd control.  Our security guards work with local authorities to maintain the peace, handle unruly ticket holders quietly, and direct people to their section of the stadium.

Store Security

Many stores like to have an outside security guard hire because there is no partiality toward employees and locals when it comes to shoplifting. Our security guards are trained to spot shoplifters and maintain the professional presence that helps prevent theft in the first place. Undercover surveillance is available as well.

Security Patrols

If you have a building that is dark after hours or a shut-down construction site, you will be surprised at how much more cost effective it is to hire our security guards than it is to repair vandalism or replace stolen construction materials. In cases like these, the presence of professional security guards or patrols is needed to deter trespassing and other criminal activity.   Our security personnel can also provide detailed information to the authorities in the case of suspected criminal activity.

Security Guard Fill-Ins

If you have a regular security guard who will be absent from work, give Security Guards Sydney a call and we can supply a qualified security guard to fill-in for the time that your regular security guard will not be at work. Our reliable, fully trained and certified security guards have also passed a criminal background check as well as a credit check.