How to Deter Thieves from Your Store

admin 20 Mar 2013

As a retail store owner or manager, it is hard to think of customers as potential thieves because it is not a pleasant way to run your business. However, this is a reality that store owners have to deal with more and more as the economy declines and stagnates with no end in sight. That is why Security Guards Sydney has some tips for you on how to deter thieves form your store.

  • Know when the thieves are in your store: There will be times when more things are stolen than at others. For example, when school lets out you may have students in your store who don’t have money to shop and take things their parents won’t buy them. Have a security person patrol your store during these periods.
  • Know who your thieves are:  Post a sign that you have the right to search all big bags and baby buggies before they leave the store. If someone insists on brining in a baby buggy or large bag, have them check it with the cashier at the front of the store.
  • Have someone watching a CCTV: A closed circuit television isn’t helpful if someone isn’t watching it. Thieves have already cased your store and they know if the clerk watching the video monitor is goofing off instead of watching the monitor.
  • Know the statistics: While 35.6% of shrinkage in retail occurs from shoplifting, 42.7% occurs from employee theft. This means that your employees may be stealing more than the customers are. You will have to put some kind of employee theft program into place as the average employee theft goes on for two years before it is detected.

This all may sound dismal, but Security Guards Sydney has many more prevention solutions to share with you to help deter thieves from your store.