Home Security Systems

Security Guards Sydney has it all when it comes to home security. We have everything from simple home alarms to CCTV systems and residential security guards. All security systems are customized for your home by our qualified security experts who can suggest the most practical way to protect your home.

Security Guards Sydney Home Security Alarm Systems

You have many choices when you purchase a security alarm system from Security Guards Sydney. This is because we will customize your home alarm system to suit your individual needs. Every home is different, so your home alarm system should be different as well. Remember, every home invader looks for that dark area or unprotected window to gain access to your home. With a home alarm from Security Guards Sydney, there won’t be any vulnerable parts of your home left unprotected.

The Right Home Alarm System

Our salespeople aren’t pushy because they don’t have to be. This is because Security Guards Sydney not only has the highest quality alarm systems in our inventory; we also have the widest range of products available. This means that we have home alarm systems for every budget and situation. This includes wired home alarm systems, wireless home alarm systems, multi-user alarms systems and multi-area alarm systems. Our high quality home alarms can also be programmed to allow for the movements of pets and children, and also have night and day modes.

Professional Installation

Security Guards Sydney professional technicians will install your home alarm systems to make sure that they meet with your home owner’s insurance policy and that it works properly before they leave. They will also go over the instruction manual with you and answer any technical questions that you may have.

24 hour Monitoring

As well, your home alarm system is monitored around the clock. This means that the local authorities will be contacted by a real person as soon as your home alarm system is sounded, no matter what time it is. Having an alert and trained professional on call that will contact you and the authorities for help when you need it the most is the main difference between Security Guards Sydney and other home alarm companies.

Advanced Residential Security Systems

Larger homes and rural estates need more specialized protection. This may be because of their isolation or because of the higher value of the property inside. Criminals are often more attracted to large properties because of the potentially bigger payoff. This is why Security Guards Sydney also provides CCTV systems and security guards at reasonable prices for larger homes.

With a CCTV system, you can look at all areas of your home both inside and out without leaving the comfort of your bedroom. If you have staff, they can also be watched from a central location in the home or even from a mobile device.

Security Guards Sydney also provides trained security guards for almost every situation. This includes services like security patrols for when you are out of town or security guards for parties that you may host at your home. Contact our security experts at Security Guards Sydney to get started on your customized home security system today.