Consider Security Guards Sydney for Your Function or Event

admin 16 Jan 2013

If you are having a function or event, you will want to have security guards if you are going to have more than 25 people attending. Security Guards Sydney encourages anyone who is having this large of an event to have security guards because of liability issues that you may have to deal with if anything goes wrong.  We have made a checklist of the things that you may actually be sued for at an event where people get hurt or property gets damaged.

  • People crash the event: If you have an event at a hotel, convention center or other venue where there is foot traffic, people will crash the gate or find another way into your event. If those event crashers stay and cause trouble or damage, you will be liable. It is much less expensive to have security guards watch the door and stop these people from entering than it is to pay for the damage they will do later on in the evening.
  • Guests destroy or steal property: When you have more than 25 people, you have a crowd and that crowd takes on a pack mentality. So otherwise normal people begin behaving irrationally when they otherwise wouldn’t. Especially if there is alcohol served, things can get out of hand. Security guards deter this kind of behavior and can curb a dangerous situation right away. This is because many guests don’t want to get involved themselves when they see rowdy behavior, but they don’t mind telling a security guard who can take care of the situation
  • Drunken guest makes a scene: If you are serving liquor, you absolutely must have security guards on hand. This is because there is always someone who goes to the event to get drunk and then they get out of control. It is much better to have the bartender tell a security guard that a patron needs to be cut off and rest awhile than it is to have them make a scene and be asked to leave.
  • Noise levels get out of control: No one wants to have the police called to a function or an event that has gotten too loud for the venue. Generally speaking, it will be the guests that will ask the DJ to turn up the music and this is when people start to lose control.  Trained security guards can stop this and get things back on track before the police have to be called and your event winds up on the news.

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