CCTV Security Systems

If you own a small business, you may suspect that there is theft or negligence going on in your business but can’t prove it.  A CCTV system can not only spot shoplifters if you own a store, but larger businesses can also deter employee theft and carelessness that can help avoid costly lawsuits. Do you really know how much inventory you are losing per day? A custom-fit CCTV camera and monitoring system may save you thousands of dollars per years in theft! Talk to one of security experts today to find out how much you can save with one of our CCTV camera and monitoring systems.

CCTV Services From Security Guards Sydney

Security Guards Sydney does it all! A CCTV system from Security Guards Sydney starts by talking to one of our knowledgeable sales staff. There are a lot of different types of cameras and monitoring systems for businesses available and you might be surprised at how inexpensive a basic system for your business is. New camera technology makes CCTV cameras lightweight and inconspicuous; viewing monitors are also compact and footage is viewed on site from a flat screen computer monitor with a multi-camera screen, or fed remotely to any mobile device for viewing. Many systems are wireless as well so make sure that you get all of the facts on new and updated equipment before you shell out a lot of money for an inferior or old-fashioned CCTV system.

CCTV Installation

Installation is a key factor when you are buying a CCTV system because the cameras have to be positioned so that they can see what they need to or they will not be effective. Our trained technicians will install your CCTV cameras so that they capture all of the activity you would like to monitor at your business. The cameras will also be installed so they are discreet and with minimal interruption to your business. Security Guards Sydney will maintain and repair your system for the life of the contract and can also upgrade your old system to make it compatible with new technology.

CCTV Monitoring

There has to be someone watching the camera feed in order for the cameras to be effective. Now with IP technology, you can watch live feed from your cameras on almost any mobile device! However, if you don’t have anyone to do this, Security Guards Sydney can provide you with alert and vigilant security staff to watch the cameras for you. This can be performed on a flexible basis, like when you suspect someone of theft, vandalism or negligence; monitoring can also be provided as a full-time service. Security Guards Sydney also provides DVR recording capabilities to document evidence in the case of theft or lawsuits that can be put on a disk or a flash drive for easy storage and transportation.

CCTV camera and monitoring systems from Security Guards Sydney are the most cost effective because they are on top of the new technology that allows you and our staff a wireless and computerized system that requires the least amount of effort to monitor and store the footage that will help you cut down on inventory shrinkage and negligence lawsuits. Talk to one of security experts today for more up-to-date CCTV information and technology.