Why Being a Security Guard Could Be the Right Job for You

admin 25 Nov 2013

Being a security Guard is the right job for anyone who wants to make a difference and learn skills that can be applied in any field they choose to pursue. A career as a security guard isn’t like being the mall cop that you are used to seeing, or the guy that falls asleep at night when everything is quiet in the warehouse. On the contrary, Security Guards Sydney offers training and high paying work at some of the most exciting places to work in Sydney. Here are some of the opportunities we offer.

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Why a Home Alarm System is a Good Idea

admin 02 Oct 2013

A home alarm system from Security Guards Sydney is a great way to protect your home in a non-violent way. Protecting your home with a weapon is dangerous and not always effective if you are caught unawares by an intruder. It is much more effective to have a home alarm system to deter crime than it is face an intruder in your home and try to take care of them yourself.

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Warehouse Security Can Save you Big Dollars

admin 17 Sep 2013

A warehouse is a great asset because it is an inexpensive place to store inventory until you need to use it or sell it. However, it is an attractive place for people to steal from if it is unmanned. This is because it is so easy for an employee to leave a door or window unlocked and for them to come back at night with their friends to take what is easy to resell.  This is why Security Guards Sydney recommends some type of security for your warehouse to prevent inventory shrinkage.

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Tips to Keep Your Party or Event Safe and Secure

admin 05 Aug 2013

If you are going to have a party or event at a rented hall or other type of public venue, you will want to make sure that your guests have a good time, but also a safe one. So whether you are having a large wedding party or a corporate event, Security Guards Sydney has some preventative measures you can take so that your event is protected and secure.

  • Have a guest list. There shouldn’t be anyone at your party that isn’t invited. Uninvited guests are there to cause trouble and make fun for themselves at your expense. You should have security at all entrances that can check invitations to make sure there are no crashers.
  • Have ID badges or bracelets. It is very inexpensive to buy temporary bracelets or badges to give to people who are invited. This also makes it very easy for security to get rid of people who don’t belong.
  • Security Guards Sydney recommends two security guards for every 100 people. This is a good rule of thumb because you don’t want the number of security guards to overwhelm you guests. You just want enough there to maintain a presence.
  • Instruct your bartenders when to cut people off from drinking. Many incidents at parties occur when a guest has had too much to drink. This can be prevented by cutting them off before they become intoxicated and unruly.
  • Announce the end of the party a half an hour before it is over so that guests know when it is time to leave.

The Ins and Outs of CCTV Security

admin 27 Jul 2013

Many people think that CCTV security is just someone sitting and watching a monitor while dozing off, but there is much more to CCTV security than that. Closed circuit television security can prevent enough irregular activity around your place of business to more than pay for itself. Security Guards Sydney prides itself on its expertise in this fast-changing field of technical surveillance.  That being said, we would like to share with you the advantages of having a CCTV system to monitor your property.

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Security Guards for Parties are a Good Idea

admin 17 Jun 2013

Security Guards Sydney reminds you that if you have a party where you serve alcohol, it is a good idea to have security guards. Twenty five people are about as many as you should ever have at a party where you are serving beer, wine and mixed drinks. After that, things will get out of hand very quickly, and you will be responsible.

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How to Minimize Theft in Your Business

admin 09 Apr 2013

Unfortunately, business theft comes from both employees and customers, so Security Guards Sydney has put together a few tips to help you minimize your business losses through theft. Preventing theft is the key, because most employees and customers alike will look for easy opportunities before they strike. Many times, would-be thieves will not steal from a company if they feel they are more than like to get caught.

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How to Deter Thieves from Your Store

admin 20 Mar 2013

As a retail store owner or manager, it is hard to think of customers as potential thieves because it is not a pleasant way to run your business. However, this is a reality that store owners have to deal with more and more as the economy declines and stagnates with no end in sight. That is why Security Guards Sydney has some tips for you on how to deter thieves form your store.

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Consider Security Monitoring for Your Business

admin 15 Feb 2013

It happens all the time. You go into your business and things are missing. Depending on what kind of business you own, this can be anything including cash, office equipment, retail merchandise, construction supplies, hospitality and restaurant supplies, and anything else that isn’t nailed down. Where do these things go when no one is around?

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Consider Security Guards Sydney for Your Function or Event

admin 16 Jan 2013

If you are having a function or event, you will want to have security guards if you are going to have more than 25 people attending. Security Guards Sydney encourages anyone who is having this large of an event to have security guards because of liability issues that you may have to deal with if anything goes wrong.  We have made a checklist of the things that you may actually be sued for at an event where people get hurt or property gets damaged.

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