Alarm Security Systems

Security Guards Sydney Installs The Latest Alarm Systems At The Best Prices

Security Guards Sydney installs alarm systems for absolutely every type of home and business. This means that no matter where you want in an alarm system or no matter how simple or complex it needs to be, we will install the latest technology at an affordable price.  Both hardwire and wireless alarms systems are available for any type of security system.

We also repair and update existing alarm systems and provide full monitoring service contracts to our customers.  The combination of our knowledgeable sales team, along with our expert installers will provide you with a high-tech alarm system that is highly functional and priced right. An alert monitoring staff will give you continued peace of mind for both your business and your home safety.

Home Alarm Systems

Computerized wireless home alarm systems are much more sophisticated than they used to be and at the same time less expensive and easier to use. New home alarm systems can also be integrated into existing equipment so you don’t necessarily have to start over if you already have some sensors and motion detectors in place. Home alarm systems can also be activated or deactivated by phone or computer which is a great help when your plans change and you can’t go home to reset them.

Business Alarm Systems

Depending on the size of your business and what you sell, business alarm systems can range from the simple to the complex. However all business alarm systems will include common elements like perimeter sensors on the doors and windows and interior motion sensors. Depending on the type of business you have, you may also want to order glass breakage sensors, vault or safe systems, panic buttons, and video surveillance systems (plain view and hidden).

Back to Base Monitored Alarms

One difference between Security Guards Sydney and other security systems companies is that you can opt for our back to base service. Back to base service doesn’t mean that someone at a call center in another city picks up the phone and calls the police on your behalf when there is a break-in.

At Security Guards Sydney, we have our own response teams that can be dispatched to your home or business and check out the activity that is going on there. Chances are, you may not need the police; and if you do, it is comforting to have a professional security team acting as your liaison to the authorities when you may not be able to be there.

Multi Area and User Security Alarms

If you have a larger business or a factory and it is divided into sections, you will need a security system that allows different access to areas like the cash office, administration, the factory floor, and the shipping department, as well as a master key. Security Guards Sydney can accommodate requests for different users as well as different areas so that entries and exits into any area can be facilitated and recorded. With back to base monitoring, if an alarm goes off, a security guard can visit the property to assess the situation.