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  • Security Guard Hire

    Security Guard Hire

    Our security guards make a difference at your home, place of business or party because they maintain a professional yet authoritative presence at your premises.

  • Security Monitoring

    Security Monitoring

    Our security monitoring can help with many other instances of risk besides break-ins or vandalism. Security monitoring can also alert you to after-hours on site emergencies.

Offering Everything you Need for Your Security

Welcome to Security Guards Sydney

At Security Guards Sydney, we provide the home security and business protection that will make you safe today. If you are thinking about hiring a security guard, installing home security, business alarms or CCTV’s, Security Guards Sydney will give you immediate peace of mind. Did you know that a Sydney home or business without some type of security system is 300% more likely to be burglarized? If the idea of home security is on your mind because you have assets that need to be protected, we can help.

Security Guards Sydney understands how important it is to protect your home or business property from intruders who want to take what is valuable to you. This is why we offer a complete range of security services including the installation and monitoring of security equipment as well as security guard hire. Our security equipment services include alarms systems as well as Cctv’s. We aren’t limited to equipment installation. We also provide full monitoring services for the equipment we install.

We are fully staffed and ready to serve you with security guards for everything from events and parties to construction sites and office surveillance – making us the only company that you need to call for all of your security Sydney services.

Are you one of the home or business owners who has no security system? Why become a statistic? With Security Guards Sydney you can prevent an intruder from taking what is most valuable to you – your own personal security.

Our Security Services

Our Security Services

We provide varied security Services & Deliver on it!

Call Us Today for Your Security Needs

A home is burglarized every 3 minutes in Australia, so having in place security is not an option if you have property that needs to be protected. The key to safety is preventing a potential threat from even thinking about breaking in, which is what a service from Security Guards Sydney accomplishes. Whether you want to feel safe in your home or would like to know that your business is secure while you aren’t there, security should be your top priority.

At Security Guards Sydney, our people are what makes us the best choice for your Security Sydney company. This is why the number 1 priority of our security staff is a safe and secure area, whether is is a party, a construction site,an office space, or your home. So it is a comfort to know that an alarm at your home or business isn’t just going off, it is also being heard and acknowledged by a trained staff of home security experts. This includes fire and other breaches of home security as well.

Don’t be the person that wishes they had called to prevent the unthinkable from happening. Call Security Guards Sydney today for a free quote and start enjoying your protection and peace of mind today.